- The best thing about the job is all the people

Text: Bjørnhild Fjeld Photo: Tore Fjeld

After eight months of internship, Andrea Rydland Karlsen (25) is enjoying her job as an orthopaedic engineer, her colleagues and her patients.

- It was a bit of a coincidence that I started studying orthopaedic engineering at OsloMet. I've had footbeds and knee braces fitted myself, so I knew a bit about the profession. I felt that being able to work with people in the healthcare sector, and at the same time do something practical, was perfect for me," says Andrea, who also has experience as a care worker in her home municipality of Ringsaker.


She started her internship in the fall of 2023 and loves working at OCH Orthopaedics' clinic at Helsfyr. The traineeship for orthopaedic engineers is two years, and during that time Andrea will be exposed to many different types of orthopaedic aids.


- "So far, I've mostly worked with footbeds and orthopaedic footwear, but later I'll also be working with orthoses and prostheses," she says.


Andrea believes that orthopaedic engineering combines the best of both worlds: She can be creative and even a little artistic in order to make good assistive devices, and it's also very meaningful to have the opportunity to help people.

Chose internship after a good first impression

The fact that it was OCH Orthopaedics that became Andrea's place of internship was mostly down to a good first impression.

- I was here on a company visit as part of my studies and felt that I was very well received. And it's been just as good since I started my internship. Everyone who works here is very inclusive, helpful and committed, and it's infectious. It's always nice to come to work," she says.

Andrea praises her employer for having a good internship program with full supervision throughout the course. She has dedicated supervisors who follow her up closely, and her colleagues also take the time to assist her if, for example, there is something she is unsure about with a patient.

- It feels very safe and good to work here. I'm not afraid to ask questions and I feel very well looked after by both my employer and my colleagues. There's always someone to go to, and even though it's a hectic schedule, people take their time," says the young intern.

There's also a good atmosphere outside of work, with, for example, joint jogging and skiing trips for those who wish.

Good location and nice premises

For the most part, Andrea's workplace is in the newly renovated OCH Ortopedi premises at Helsfyr, easily accessible by public transport. "The location is very convenient, and it's nice to be able to welcome patients in bright and pleasant premises.

The equipment at the clinic is also new and well-functioning, and OCH is at the forefront of the use of new technology.

- "It's very exciting to be able to use the latest methods available in the industry. At the same time, I think it's nice to preserve the traditional as well - I want to learn the profession from scratch," says Andrea, who would definitely recommend both the orthopaedic engineering profession and OCH Orthopaedics as an employer.