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Individually adapted prostheses, orthoses and orthopedic footwear to replace a lost body part or restore lost function of the movement organs. You will find useful information about, among other things, orthopedic aids at Norsk Helseininformatikk here

In order to be able to cover expenses for an orthopedic aid, an application must be made from an approved specialist, the application has been approved when NAV has made a positive "vetak".
The following specialists have the approval to apply: Specialist in orthopedic surgery, internal medicine, rheumatology, pediatrics, neurology, physical medicine and rehabilitation as well as internet doctor with authorization.

Read more about criteria for obtaining an approved requisition on orthopedic aids on the legal data page here( )


If you have an application

  • Will we help with further project
  • When you have a granted application, we will take measurements, produce, deliver and provide guidance with the use of the medical aid.

If you do not have an application

  • We will make an assessment. If it turns out that there are grounds for being able to apply, we have private orthopedic surgeons who can help with tthe application .
  • If we consider that the basis for being able to apply for support is not present, we will be able to give you advice and guidance based on an assessment. If you wish, we can produce and deliver aids that are paid for privately or that are covered by insurance.


NAV has notified the following about rates for self-payment/benefit amounts:


  • Co-payment, custom-made orthopaedic footwear and special shoes, adults from kr. 685 - kr. 1085 per pair
  • Co-payment, custom-made orthopaedic footwear and special shoes, children under 10 years from kr. 415 - 615 per pair
  • Co-payment for footbeds kr. 230 per unit

Deductible – footbeds.

There is an excess of kr. 230 per footbed, kr. 460 per pair. If a specialist has approved that the user needs frequent replacement of footbeds due to the prevention or treatment of serious ulceration in diabetes mellitus, the expenses for more than one pair of footbeds per year are fully covered.

Deductible – orthopedic custom sewn footwear.

Assistance is provided for the purchase of up to two pairs of orthopaedic shoes per year. Exemption from this provision may be granted. There is a deductible of NOK. 685-1085 per pair for adults and kr. 415-615 per pair for children under 10 years of age. When an exemption from the number limit is granted, the expenses are covered in full from the third pair onwards (from the second year).

Self-payment – special shoes.

Allowance is provided for the purchase of up to two pairs of special shoes per year. year. An exemption from this provision may be granted. Folketrygden covers the first NOK. 1,605 (incl. VAT) of the retail price of special shoes.
For example: If the special shoes cost NOK 2,260 including VAT, the patient's own payment will be NOK 655 incl. VAT When a dispensation from the number restriction is granted, the expenses are fully covered from and including couple number three (from the 2nd year).

National Insurance Act §10-7

Part IV. Benefits in case of illness, etc.
Chapter 10. Benefit to compensate for expenses for improving the ability to work and the functioning of daily life.


F18.04.1997 no. 336 Regulations on benefit to cover expenses for orthopedic aids, breast prosthesis, facial defect prosthesis, eye prosthesis and wig


Orthopedic aids include prostheses, orthoses and orthopedic footwear.

Orthopedic aids – Your rights at NAV

To get support for orthopedic aids, you must have a permanent (over two years) disability in the arms, legs or back. The aid must be necessary to maintain a general level of function, and it must be requisitioned by an approved specialist. A prerequisite for you to receive benefits is that a supplier who has a framework agreement with NAV delivers the orthopedic aid.