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To be eligible for reimbursement of expenses for an orthopaedic device, an application must be submitted by an approved specialist; the application is approved when NAV has made a positive decision.

The following specialists are authorized to apply: Specialist in orthopedic surgery, internal medicine, rheumatology, pediatrics, neurology, physical medicine and rehabilitation and hospital physician with authorization.

Read more about the criteria for getting an approved requisition for orthopaedic aids on Lovdata's website here

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Referral and self-payment

A prerequisite for receiving benefits is that a supplier with a framework agreement with NAV delivers the orthopaedic device.

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To receive support for orthopaedic aids, you must have a permanent (more than two years) disability in your arms, legs or back.

The assistive device must be necessary to maintain a normal level of function, and it must be ordered by an approved specialist.

National Insurance Act §10-7

Part IV. Sickness benefits, etc.

Chapter 10.

Benefit to compensate for expenses to improve work ability and functional ability in daily life.


F18.04.1997 No. 336

Regulations on benefits to cover expenses for orthopaedic aids, breast prostheses, facial defect prostheses, eye prostheses and wigs


Orthopedic aids include prostheses, orthoses and orthopedic footwear.