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OCH Ortopedi Nord Norge

Visit: Grønnegata 8, Tromsø
Postal address: Box 949, 9260 Tromsø

Phone: +47 77 60 08 10


Opening hours Monday – Friday 08.30 – 15.30 
Phone hours from 08.30-11.00 and 11.45-15.00

Since 1966, Nord norges orthopedisk Versted is a term in Northern Norway and in Tromsø, and since 1 April 2018 the business is part of OCH Ortopedi 

Our skilled crew consists of people with high competence in their disciplines. Our orthopedic engineers are specially trained to prevent injuries and make life livable when the injury has occurred. Orthopedic technicians produce and adapt the aid to your needs. The staff in the administration answers your questions and book appointments for consultation or testing.

At reception you will reach our friendly and helpful staff.


Visiting clinics

Kirkenes Hospital: Orthopedic surgery outpatient clinic

In Kirkenes we are present and have user consultations about once a month for those patients who cannot travel to Tromsø for any reason.

Hammerfest Hospital: Orthopedic outpatient clinic

currently inactive. 

UNN och ViGØR Rehabilitation Hospital (tidl. Kurbadet)

Is a clinic and one hospital we visit often – we treat the patient where they are in the rehabilitation environment in retraining on the clinker