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OCH Ortopedi Innlandet

Storgata 170-172, 2615 Lillehammer

Phone: +47 61 24 73 30



 Our clinic has ground-level entrance from the backyard. The entrance is to the left of the main door, and there you will get the help of our friendly reception staff.

  In addition to the clinic in Storgata 121, we also have travel activities at The Innland Hospital, Department Gjøvik- (Entrance 1), and to Landaasen Rehabilitation Centre, Revmatism Hospital in Lillehammer, Skogli Rehabilitation Center and Solaas Rehabilitation Center. We also actively participate in several multidisciplinary teams, including in pediatric orthopedics and diabetes treatment.

At our clinic we are a nice crew of well-qualified employees, and we have a high level of expertise in most types of orthopedic aids. We use scanning and computer modeling as tools, as well as more traditional working methods.

Regular opening hours

OCH Ortopedia Innlandet has normal opening hours

Monday – Friday 08.00-15.30

OCH Ortopedi Innlandet, department Lillehammer, is closed due to relocation on Thursday 4 and Friday 5 May.

We welcome you to our new premises in Storgata 170 - 172 on Monday, May 8.

The clinic will also be closed on Friday, May 19.

Visiting clinics


Hospital Inland Department Gjøvik: 

OCH Gjøvik is usually open Monday to thursday 09:00 – 15:00. Call OCH Orthopedics on Tel. 61247330 for appointment.

Since 1980 OCH has had localizations in the hospital, and we have a close cooperation with other occupational groups such as doctors, nurses and physiotherapists.

OCH Ortopedi's clinic at Gjøvik, is located on the ground floor just to the left when you enter the main entrance. Here we share waiting rooms with, among other things, the diabetes outpatient clinic. We don't have a reception, but knock on the door for help, or sit and wait until you're called out, if you already have an appointment. We are mostly manned Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. 

All requests for appointment and other enquiries are directed to OCH Ortopedi- Tel. 61247330

Rheumatism Hospital


OCH Fagernes is open every three weeks.

Please contact OCH Lillehammer for an appointment or further appointment.