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We are a professionally focused team consisting of caring colleagues.

We seek innovative solutions, use the latest in measurement methods and technology and are located in several state-of-the-art premises. But we are not giving up here, we are going forward and now we are looking for YOU - our new, talented team player!

Are you..

  • An authorized orthopedic engineer who puts the patient at the center?
  • Academically strong?
  • Engaged in innovative ideas and solutions?
  • A team player? 

We value professional development very highly!

Here, your commitment is most important - we have the will and muscle to take you further via, for example:

  • Internal and external courses (national, Scandinavian and global)
  • Specialist groups (prostheses, adult orthoses, pediatric orthoses, foot orthoses, production and CAD / CAM).
  • State-of-the-art working methods, including CAD / CAM for prostheses, shoes, orthoses and footbeds, as well as our own innovative local production at the main clinic.

We can offer

  • A social and good working environment with skilled, warm and pleasant colleagues
  • Competitive conditions and benefits such as
    • Private health insurance and other, very good insurance schemes
    • Pension scheme with the highest contribution (7%) from the first krone
    • Affiliation to tariff- and qualification-based private contractual pension (
    • Free with pay Wednesday before Shear Thursday, as well as Christmas and New Year's Eve.

Where are we?

  • Oslo, Helsfyr (main clinic): Innspurten 9, 0633 Oslo
  • Oslo, Lysaker: Lysaker Torg 35, 1366 Oslo
  • Sarpsborg: Tuneveien 89, 1712 Grålum
  • Lillehammer: Storgata 121, 2615 Lillehammer
  • Tromsø: Mellomvegen 23, 9007 Tromsø
  • Ålesund: Langelandsvegen 17, 6010 Ålesund

A little curious about us? We are of course also curious about you - feel free to contact us for a non-committal conversation.

Remember to mark your application with the clinic you want!


OCH Ortopedi is an orthopedic technical company with just under 150 employees in its own clinics and visiting clinics at our interdisciplinary partners; in Oslo and the surrounding area, Østfold, Innlandet, Møre og Romsdal, Rogaland and Northern Norway.

Our goal is that people - regardless of injuries or congenital mobility impairments - through our professional competence and efforts; achieves improved mobility, independence and quality of life.

Through close collaboration with other health personnel, patients and relatives as well as in accordance with current rules and regulations from NAV; we thus contribute to active participation in society and social inclusion, which in addition represents a good economy.

AND Orthopedics has been owned by Össur since 2013. Together with our sister companies in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, France and Iceland, we are part of Össur Clinics, which is the largest clinic company in Europe within individually adapted orthopedic aids (prostheses, orthoses and orthopedic footwear).