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Gender equality report for OCH Orthopedics

At OCH Orthopedics, we have a burning passion to help people live lives without limitations.

We value that people have different ideas, perspectives and backgrounds. Our goal is that people - regardless of injuries or congenital mobility impairments - through our professional competence and efforts, get improved mobility, independence and quality of life. Thus, we contribute to active participation in society and social inclusion. We are proud that this represents a good economy.

State of gender equality

Below is available numerical documentation for the gender equality situation for the financial year 2021. Of the total employees in the company, 36% are men against 64% women, and the company has a goal of having a gender distribution of 50/50 in senior positions. Of leading positions today, women make up 60%. Based on the systematic categorization of all positions on the basis of competence, responsibility, working conditions and efforts, the gender distribution is in four position groups: Group 1: 75% women, group 2: 70% women, group 3: 67% women and group 4: 49% women. Group 1 comprises the positions with the lowest score on the above criteria, and group 4 constitutes the positions with the highest score.

Employees in OCH Orthopedics are, as a general rule, employed in permanent full-time positions. In 2021, 24% of the workforce accounted for reduced positions. This is the result of adaptations in accordance with the Working Environment Act's rights with regard to age or care for children, as well as the company's internal personnel policy. A systematic survey conducted in 2022 shows that 0% work involuntarily part-time, and only 3 employees in the workforce have a temporary employment. The average number of weeks of parental leave was 35 for women and 0 for men. There are small differences in wage levels between the sexes. AND Orthopedics is covered by collective agreements for the largest part of the workforce, and the wage survey shows an insignificant difference in the proportion of women in fixed wages and total pay.

Our work against equality and against discrimination

OCH Orthopedics has defined a basic ethical view that provides guidance for how we should take care of our patients, staff and partners. Our organizational culture must be characterized by openness and honesty, and ethical awareness must be characterized by how we carry out our work tasks and processes. We have a goal of a varied and inclusive work environment with equal career opportunities for all.

Our gender equality work is rooted in our business strategy, our values, in our competence framework and in our personnel handbook. For OCH Orthopedics, equality and diversity is a natural part of the business, which means that everyone should have the same rights, opportunities and duties regardless of gender, transgender identity or expression, ethnicity, outlook on life, disability, sexual orientation or age. We believe that employees with different backgrounds and experience generate increased creativity and quality in the organization - and this gender equality and diversity aspect is assessed by selection in all recruitments and is incorporated into our recruitment strategy.

In OCH Orthopedics, there is zero tolerance for harassment, breaches of laws and regulations, ethical norms and guidelines, and in our quality system and in our personnel handbook, reference is made to how employees proceed if situations arise where notification is required. In 2021, no incidents of discrimination or other undesirable incidents were reported through the notification routine.

Through annual employee surveys, the work environment, employee engagement and inclusion culture are mapped. The results are followed up by department and local action plans are prepared

measures for improvement and conservation. The measures are followed up and evaluated annually. These are good results overall for OCH Orthopedics in 2022, and very good results associated with the inclusion culture index.

AND Orthopedics works actively and purposefully with gender equality to ensure an inclusive workplace, and this is a long-term and continuous work. To ensure a good physical and mental working environment, overall and clinical action plans are prepared annually in collaboration with the occupational health service. This includes safety rounds, occupational health examinations and AMU meetings as fixed points. The occupational health service's other service offerings related to individual employees are used.

HR is involved in all parts of recruitment processes in OCH Orthopedics, from needs analysis to reference taking and offers. All positions are advertised, and the company follows the Össur Group's Scandinavian recruitment process and strategy in every selection. It is desirable to contribute to applicants being diversely represented and the company will therefore in future work even more consciously with the use of images and word choice in the job advertisements.

AND Orthopedics wants all employees to be given the same prerequisite for personal and professional development. A number of training sessions in the development interview and employee development will be held in 2022, and active development is being worked on. In 2022, a leadership development program will be developed for professional leaders without personnel responsibilities that includes themes and areas that safeguard diversity and gender equality. The company's process for promotion and development opportunities is transparent and accessible to any employee, and the opportunities are highlighted and must be sought. Here, the same guidelines are followed as in any other recruitment process. We have competitive and stimulating pay and working conditions that are determined through our collective agreements and guidelines. The company has limited opportunities to offer flexibility beyond current practice based on the nature of the business as an orthopedic technical clinic. The main part of the workforce has work tasks and position function directly connected to patient contact or patient work, and is therefore largely tied to the clinic's opening hours.

The responsibility to ensure equality and prevent discrimination is both a manager's and employee's responsibility. The management, HR, shop stewards and employee representatives facilitate, coordinate and evaluate the work. An internal working group has been launched in 2022 to work for this purpose in accordance with the guidelines and tools contained in the activity and reporting obligation. HR leads the working group and the measures will be evaluated annually in collaboration with the above-mentioned contributors.