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Welcome to a brand new clinic in Lillehammer
They are still located on the same street, but the premises are larger and the services offered to patients are better.
Finally, the clinic has a dedicated room with a walkway, which is incredibly useful for patients learning to use their new orthopedic device

Join us in OCH Ortopedi Innlandet's new clinic in Storgata 170-172 in Lillehammer

Text: Bjørnhild Fjeld - Photo: Tore Fjeld
Clinic manager Line Therese Hundere has spent a lot of time devising a good floor plan for the new clinic. She is very pleased with the result

After 15 years in Storgata 121, it was time to move for Lillehammer's only orthopaedic clinic - OCH Ortopedi Innlandet.

- The lease expired and we had outgrown the old premises," says clinic manager Line Therese Hundere, who worked on planning the relocation process for a year before the physical move took place.

This has included visits to other clinics to look at solutions, and many suggestions for floor plans on matte paper.

On the shoe wall, you can pick out your new, stylish shoes in many different models and designs

Has its own shoe warehouse

- In the previous premises we had 730 m2, now we have 1240 m2. This means that we have space for a lot of things we couldn't do before. For example, we now have our own shoe store, so patients can take their special shoes home the same day they come into the clinic to try them on," says Line.

A separate room with a walkway and stairs has also been added, which makes everyday work easier for the orthopaedic engineers.

- "Before, we often had to take patients outside so that they could try climbing stairs. This makes it much easier when we can do everything inside the clinic," says orthopaedic engineer Hanne Kristin Hårstadhaugen.

With simpler routines, time is freed up so that they also have the capacity to take in more patients. There are currently 22 employees at the clinic, but soon the staff will be increased by two interns and a new shoe technician, bringing the total to 25 colleagues.

Lise Halbakken is one of the people who meet patients in the new, pleasant reception area

- "It's nice to be able to welcome patients in modern and contemporary premises," says Hanne Kristin.

Has strengthened HSE

Clinic manager Line also believes that HSE has improved in the larger premises, which is particularly important for the employees.

- "Because we have more space, different processes can be carried out in different special rooms. There's better ventilation, and it's easier to have safe work processes when we have more space," she says.

Several technical solutions have also been put in place, including a ceiling lift that can be used to lift patients inside a treatment room.

Moved in two days

When an orthopaedic clinic is relocating, it's important that the actual relocation process goes as quickly as possible. After all, patients can't wait for weeks while the clinic is closed - they have medical needs that need to be addressed here and now.

- The actual move took place on May 4 and 5, and then we opened the new clinic on Monday, May 8. On the first day, we had 35 patients," says Line.

Here are most of the employees who work at OCH Innlandet in Lillehammer. Nice bunch!

Many of the machines are new and were put in place before moving in. Good preparations have also been made so that all systems and routines were up and running as soon as the employees were in place.

The premises, which are located above a Rema 1000 store, previously housed a bowling alley. Everything that was already there was removed and a new floor plan was rebuilt. The main contractor for the project was Syljeåsen AS.

- I'm pleased that we've got the entire clinic on one level, so we can avoid stairs and elevators," says Line Therese Hundere.

Another improvement is that there are more parking spaces, which is important when receiving patients with limited mobility, who often come from far away.