TROMSØ: An urban and exciting university town with close proximity to magnificent scenery, spectacular experiences both summer and winter as well as a rich cultural life and outstanding academic environment represented by, among others, UiT The Arctic University of Norway and the Universtitetssykehuset Nord-Norway (UNN)

Here you will find the clinic with a central location and short distances to most things.

We at OCH Orthopedics North Norway are constantly developing and searching for authorised orthopedic engineers for our clinic in Tromsø.

Are you our new colleague who wants to take part in the development of a modern clinic that adopts the latest in measurement methods and technology to provide customers and patients with a good professional offer?

Our goal is to provide all customers and patients in the area with good service as a
of Norway's leading orthopedics. We will be the best clinical business in our industry in Norway, providing all customers and users in the area with the best solutions tailored to their needs.

We move people

OCH Orthopedics is an orthopedic company with 130 employees divided into clinics in Oslo, Akershus, Østfold (Viken), Inland, Møre & Romsdal, Rogaland and North Norway. In close cooperation with other healthcare professionals, patients and relatives; we cover the be- hov for orthopedic aids (prostheses, orthoses and orthopedic footwear) in accordance with the applicable nav rules and regulations. We work with other healthcare professionals, patients and relatives. Our objective is that people – regardless of injuries or congenital disabilities – through our professional competence and efforts, have improved mobility, independence and quality of life. Thus, we contribute to active participation in society and social inclusion. We are proud that this represents good economics. OCH Orthopedics is owned by Össur and together with our sister companies in Sweden, Finland and Iceland we are currently the largest clinic business in the Nordic region in orthopedic aids, where, among other things, joint professional development is carried out through our specialist groups.

OCH Ortopedi has a great focus on professional development in close cooperation with our sister companies in Sweden and Denmark, as well as through:

  • Internal and external courses.
  • Specialist groups (prostheses, orthoses, diabetes/foot, paediatric orthopedics, production, and CAD/CAM) – as a specialist, you have direct influence on professional development and working methods.
  • CAD/CAM for prostheses, shoes, orthoses and footbeds. You will take part in and develop the business and methods, so that we are constantly working towards the best solutions.

We believe that professional development is important, and devotes a lot of resources to meeting competence needs and being able to be the foremost clinical business.

We seek you as:

  • Is an authorized orthopedic engineer or meets the requirements for applying for authorization.
  • Is engaged, professionally skilled and has good cooperation skills. Likes to work in interdisciplinary teams and is academically curious
  • Wants to work with new modern manufacturing processes in scanning/computer modeling, Direct Socket, as well as traditional methods.

In OCH Orthopedics North Norway you get

  • A social and good working environment with skilled and motivated colleagues. Good opportunities for professional development.
  • Competitive conditions and benefits such as private health insurance, good insurance schemes, pension schemes with the highest deposits (7%), and time off with wages on Wednesday before Thursday, as well as Christmas and New Year's Eve.
  • Take part in a clinic with a central role in OCH and Össur's inovation and development.

Become our new colleague!

marketing manager Markus Sundberg on tel. +47 969 41 091, orthopedic engineer Jan Ehlich on tel. +47 477 90 686,
Or clinic manager Silvia Reinholdtsen on tel. +47 975 11 526.