Orthosis is a brace or bandage that acts as an external support for muscles, joints, bones and nerves as a result of injury or illness.

The purpose of an orthosis is to relieve pain, facilitate and improve activity or counteract misalignment.

Our orthopaedic engineers are specialists in orthoses

They have extensive experience of orthopaedic technical aids in connection with stroke, ligament injuries, osteoarthritis, fractures and fractures.

When are orthoses used?

For example, orthoses are used for

  • tennis elbow – for relief
  • knee injuries – for pain relief
  • nerve damage or illness – to replace a function that is reduced or lost
  • back pain – to reduce pain
  • knee osteoarthritis – for unloading the painful joint.
  • rehabilitation after surgery or injury – to protect ligaments and soft tissue in the healing process.

Why are orthoses used?

Within the health and care services, we use orthoses in many contexts, including to influence movement patterns so that it becomes as normal as possible despite injury or illness, to protect joints or soft tissue, or to ensure that an injury heals as best as possible.

Using an orthosis can have a major impact on the final result after an operation. It can mean the difference between a successful and a less successful result. For example, a ligament that does not have time to heal may end up longer, than it should be, resulting is less stability than expected.

For osteoarthritis

If you have arthrosis, an orthosis can contribute to significantly reduce pain, to better function and a generally better condition. The research shows that many continue to be as active as before they got the pain.

We have extensive experience with orthoses and are committed to finding the solution that is best for you and your situation.

The requisition

We take the basis of the requisition you have received from your specialist doctor, if you have one, and analyze the situation so that together we find the orthosis that is correct based on your needs.

Approved application

After some time, you will be notified whether your application has been approved or rejected.

Financial support

Before we create your solution, we submit an application to NAV for financial support.

Production of your assistive device

Once the application has been approved, it takes a short time to produce your assistive device, depending on how advanced the solution is.